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Specialist Physiotherapist


Sarah Boyd is a Specialist Physiotherapist working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and has completing postgraduate studies in Manual therapy, Hydrotherapy and Acupuncture.

Sarah has vast experience working in musculoskeletal physiotherapy in a variety of fields including premier league sports, public and private settings across the country. In addition, she has experienced in working in Women's Health obstetrics Physiotherapy working with Pre and Post natal women.

Through her sporting experience Sarah has developed a high level of clinical expertise in managing patients with sporting needs and more complex musculoskeletal conditions and is able to design, plan and progressing treatment programs and modify them according to individuals’ specific needs.

Her current role as a senior therapist at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust has exposed her to an amplitude of complex trauma, persistent pain and disabling conditions of the spine, arms and legs. Sarah’s exceptional clinical and interpersonal skills are invaluable in helping this patient group to understand their situation, set and achieve goals, reaching optimal fitness and function.

Sarah understands how pain can affect a multitude of aspects in an individuals’ life, having an impact on wellbeing and an emotional wellbeing. She believes in ensuring she has good communication channels with her patients by listening to each person’s story and a journey and empowering them to understand their bodies and be in control of their conditions. 

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